Online Plastics Group is a rapidly growing and innovative organisation that offers and supplies online plastic sheeting to individual customers and companies in several countries. In September 2014 we launched our first online shop in the Netherlands:

Online Plastics Group is a rapidly growing European organisation that supplies plastic sheet material to both consumers and businesses online

Due to our fresh approach to the market we have since become market leader in the Netherlands and have expanded to four more countries: Germany, Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom. Our method allows us to deliver sheets of the highest quality for a reasonable and fair price.




Production locations


Sheets cut to size per year


Satisfied customers


Each day we strive to serve and supply the most appropriate plastic sheet solutions for each client and each particular project. On a daily basis we provide customers with professional advice for projects of all sizes. On a larger scale, we also assist companies on sizeable projects. Because of the diversity of our clientele, our products are implemented in small to large scale projects. Among our customers are companies such as Panasonic, Ecco, Philips and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Mission and vision

Our main mission is to conquer Europe and expand to become the European online market leader for plastic sheeting cut to size. We plan to realize this goal by applying our innovative way to offer a large variety of plastic sheeting online and cutting this to size for each individual order. Furthermore, we aim to surpass each customers expectation with our sky-high service standard. We want to set a new European standard by using our professional approach and offering top of the line quality for a fair price.

Core values

As a company we place high importance on staying close to our core values. For this reason, we will provide a short list of our six core values that guide us in our daily efforts to grow:

Keep it simple

We like to keep things simple, including our communications: don’t make things any harder than they need to be. It’s as simple as that. To make it as easy as possible for our customers we developed a clean, straight forward online shop and we provide clear and solid information and advice.


Simply good isn’t good enough for our team. We strive for excellence, with a high service standard and top of the range quality plastic sheets. We continuously seek to surpass all expectations and arouse enthusiasm in our customers. This is what we like to call: the WOW-effect.


To stay ahead of the game and keep innovating our methods, we are constantly searching for new means and effective changes. We don’t just lean back, but we’re always looking for ways to push our boundaries.

Don’t cut corners

To realize stable and satisfying results, we value the need to do things right and thoroughly. We don’t care for half-baked plans or solutions, so every day we give it our all to secure the optimal outcome.

People matter

Online Plastics Group is an informal company: we measure our work by the human scale. We are sincerely committed our colleagues, customers and operational partners. We put in the extra effort to create durable relationships and value to do so honestly and respectfully.


We are focussed and do what we do best. We know where our qualities lie, and we stick to what we’re good at. We will be honest if we feel that the best solution isn’t our own. Rather than the whims of the market, we let our strong qualities determine the course of our company.

Through our innovative approach to the
 market, we are rapidly becoming the biggest
 in Europe.
- Geert van Groningen


As a company we have already reached many milestones and we are constantly focussing on our new targets.